What You Can Find Out From DVLA

DVLA is short for Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, and they are the national authority in this domain. You can contact them for different reasons, but mainly people know that they can help you with getting a new driving license and registering the car.

However, that’s not all that the DVLA does. You can contact DVLA for other situations too, so let’s see some interesting things that you should know about them.

Learning to Drive and Ride

If you want to be able to drive a car or ride a motorbike, you should contact DVLA and find out the exact steps that you have to take. There are different legal obligations for riders and drivers – for example, you can’t get a driving license if you don’t have the legal age or if you don’t meet the minimal eyesight requirements.

dvla2Apart from this, you can’t drive any vehicle – each type of driving license is for a particular kind of car, so if you want to be able to drive a bus, you’ll need a special category on your license. When you learn how to drive, you’ll need to get a provisional driving license. You can apply directly online, and the DVLA will send you the license in less than a week. The fees are minimal, and it takes just a few minutes to fill all the forms. You can also use their website for tracking the driving license application.

After you have your first provisional driving license, the DVLA can also help you get driving lessons and learn how to drive. They offer you a list of various driving schools that have professional driving instructors. They will supervise your learning process, and they will guide you in driving on public roads. You can also use the website for reporting an illegal driving instructor or for complaining about one.

All this process ends with a test that evaluates your knowledge in driving on public roads. You’ll take a theory test and a practice test. You need to pass both of them to be able to get your driving license. You will go through this process every time you add a new category to your driving license because each vehicle class has additional rules than the previous one.

There are several test centers where you can take the theory test, and contacting DVLA will help you in identifying which one is closest to you.

Number Plates, Log Books and Vehicle Registration

DVLA can also assist you in getting the registration for your car or providing the log book. If you sell the car, if you buy a new car or if you transfer the proprietary rights to someone else, you need to notify DVLA for issuing the proper documents. All the info must be kept up to date, and you are responsible if you don’t notify them. The fine can be up to £1000, and it’s not worth it since you can change the address for free.

melovesushi_carsDVLA can also help you if you take the car off the road – they issue the SORN, and this will stop the tax paying process for you. They also have the possibility to cancel your vehicle tax and get you a refund in some situations.

The services that you find from them include issuing license numbers. They have a list of number plate suppliers, so you can check it to find one that is closer to you. There’s also the possibility to get a personalized vehicle registration number or to buy a customized registration number.

No matter what situation you face, if it’s something related to your car, you can contact DVLA and find all the information that you need. Being the primary authority in this domain, they are the only ones that can offer accurate info and details about driving licenses and everything else that regards a vehicle.